Rockin Dutchman

I, The Rocking Dutchman, am, in real life, Koenraad G. Kamphuijs, but that is an unpronounceable name for everyone except Dutchmen, so in my show I'd rather stick to my moniker. I'm living in Rijswijk, Holland, and every now and then I spend time with my family in Sebring, FL, where I have a home.

I'm a great fan of forties and fifties R&B and a tremendously bad player on the tenor saxophone. My activities on a soul and R&B-related Yahoo mailinglist brought me in contact with "Soulman" Jan Lisewski, a volunteer DJ of WSLR of Sarasota, FL, who invited me to do a guest appearance on his show. That appearance led to several others and on one of these shows he interested me to go into radio syndication.

Catch My shows - Tuesday 6 PM - Saturday 2 pm (EST)

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