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I was Bought up listening to Rock n Roll and Pirate Radio.
My preference is good up tempo rockin’ music with a dash of R&B

With my first week’s wages I started to collect rockin’ music back in 1980’s
Most of which I bought from Rockin’ Rex at various clubs in and around London.

Dell Richardson (Boogie Dell) gave me and my mate Smokey our first taste of DJing by letting us guest for him at various clubs he ran.

My first experience of radio was with Smokey at Northwick Park Hospital Radio.
We soon got bored of hospital radio, and got involved with a station called
Radio Memphis 1260kHz / 238mw.

Radio Memphis took over broadcasting rockin’ music to London, when Radio City closed down.
We left Radio Memphis, after many happy months of broadcasting; we wanted to broadcast on FM.
Set up Radio Liberty 90FM, that didn’t last long.

Sometime later we got talking to an ex member of Radio City, Wild Willy West who introduced us to a group of people putting together a FM station called City Side Radio, based in White City London.
City Side Radio was the last radio station I was involved with.

Now I do Monthly Shows for This Internet Station and Rockabilly Radio